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The HYBRID is proudly made in New Zealand at our Manawatu facility where we dream big and we make bigger.  You can trust that everything we build at Hardy Rifle is designed to endure the harshest of conditions & the toughest terrain - all while maintaining superior quality, efficiency & reliability.

Hardy Rifle was founded in early 2006 by Dan Hardy during his military career in the New Zealand Army as an Armourer/Weapons Engineer. In December of 2007 Dan left the army to concentrate fully on Hardy Rifle. In the years following, Hardy Rifle has gone from strength to strength, developing & producing world class rifles, suppressors, match grade barrels and muzzle brakes. The company has since expanded into a large team of exceptional personnel with various backgrounds, qualifications & skill sets.

In 2022 Hardy Rifle acquired the carbon fiber stock manufacturing business Kroseg Precision (formerly known as Hi Tec Composites) - bringing a new standard of premium carbon fibre stocks to the world

and further enhancing New Zealand's reputation of being a world-class manufacturer in the firearms industry.

Hardy Rifle


Director/Weapons Engineer

Hardy Rifle

“Here at Hardy Rifle, we pride ourselves on our courage to continually push the boundaries and to challenge and disrupt the market. We see failure only as an opportunity to learn, grow and better exceed your expectations. We are guided and stay true to our core values -



“Lead from the front, relentless innovation, committed to service & quality.”

Dan Hardy, Hardy Rifle Director/Weapons Engineer
Hardy Rifle

"Like all products by Hardy Rifle, The HYBRID was created because there is a need for it. Ever since my military career I have always wanted to improve on what was available in the market so the logical step was to design my own. This ranged from suppressors to precision rifle barrels to muzzle brakes and The HYBRID is no exception!

The HYBRID design was 3 years in the making and the culmination of 10 years in business. It has involved a huge amount of experience and painstaking research from around the world.

Due to the complexity of the features that I wanted to have in the rifle, The HYBRID concept represented a considerable challenge. However, the drive was to create a rifle that is truly unique so there was never a time when we considered reducing the number of features to make it easier to produce.

The vision was clear from the very early stages of design and it was focus and determination that pulled us over the line. To think that the rifle that we see in front of us started off as bullet points on a piece of A4 paper is absolutely staggering.

The journey has been long, the sleep seldom but the results are phenomenal."

Hardy Rifle

We don't take shortcuts. If there is a problem, we make it right. We believe in our product. For these reasons, our outstanding reputation is growing exponentially as
we distribute our products around the world.

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